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  • How To Opt Out of Catalog Junk Mail with Catalog Choice

    No, I do not want to consider your pull-on Capri pants or 3D chenille sweater set. Not now, not ever!

    We’ve done this before but there are always a few that linger….

    My pet peeve is opening the mail box only to find it overloaded with tons of goofy catalogs. Junk mail that I either never requested or find myself getting because I once ordered a product from that company. In any event, I don’t want ’em!

    What’s even more annoying is the “Please Recycle” message printed on the back of the unwanted catalogs! Ironic, I know.

    There is a way to stop the unwanted catalog mail from clogging your mailbox- you can simply opt out of their catalog mailing list.

    I’ve done this before but, there are a few persistent ones that I just had to opt out of again… let’s cross our fingers that it works this time or I may be forced to review their “relaxed-fit dress” and they really won’t like that!

    Here’s how to control your snail mail box:

    Catalog Choice is a free service that let’s you decide what you want to get in your mailbox. You can request specific catalogs or opt out of others.

    Don’t get carried away and trash your unwanted catalogs before you sign-on to CatalogChoice, because both your Customer Code and Source Code # that appear next to your mailing address make it easier to identify you and stop the pesky catalog mailings.

    Say hello to a mailbox that is on the road to be junk free!

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