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  • How to Wear A Pantsuit. Impromptu Madness with Sharon Haver and Brad Boles, Episode 25


    The menswear influence in fashion could not be any stronger than when wearing a paint suit.

    We’re giddy with enthusiasm ’cause we can’t even believe that this is Episode 25, of our Impromptu Madness video series!

    Twenty-five episodes goes sooo quickly.

    We promise to bring you more fashion advice, more beauty tips (well, bug Brad on that one), more style how-to’s, and more of our special breed of kookiness to help you make your world gorgeous. From interiors to fashion, and a whole lot of dish in between, we’re here to help you have FUN with style.

    Brad Boles and I have plenty of new video ideas up our sleeve, but if you have any thoughts or questions, please write. –S.H.

    YES, you can look very modern in a pantsuit, here’s how…

    WATCH: How to Wear A Pantsuit. Impromptu Madness w/ Sharon Haver & Brad Boles, Episode 25

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    We’ve seen the chic pant suit go away, but the classic to-die-for Yves Saint Laurent smoking jacket pant suit will endure as a timeless staple, and that man-tailored look is right in fashion.

    Video talking points:

    • Yves St. Laurent “Le Smoking” immortalized in this 1975 Helmut Newton photo

      Yves St. Laurent “Le Smoking” immortalized in this 1975 Helmut Newton photo



      You can mix up jacket and pant separates as a pantsuit but the NEW paint suit looks more modern when it’s unmatched.

    • Sharon prefers pant suits that are more man-tailored rather than super feminine ones that look aging.
    • A woman in simple mens suit with high heels is very sexy to play up the mansuline/feminine yin and yang.
    • Avoid very done up hair with menswear looks.
    • When you wear sexy power suits, you need to wear a heel to avoid looking frumpy.
    • A suit jacket with a matching or very bold vest and men’s pants is great.
    • Classic tailored shirts, worn a bit open.
    • Always rough up the feminine and sweeten up the tough!

    Sharon is wearing a Rag and Bone jacket, Dolce & Gabanna shirt, and a vintage Yves Saint Laurent scarf, her own of course.

    Sharon Haver is the founder and editor in chief of Brad Boles is the editor at large and also a reappearing cast member and Jill Zarin‘s gay husband on The Real Housewives of New York City.

    We pulled some pant suits to think about:

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