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  • Stylist Advice- How to wear patterned & stylish rain boots like a grown up

    puddle jumpers so pretty


    Dear Sharon: Patterned rain boots are everywhere this spring. Is there a stylish way for a grown woman to wear them, or are they a fashion disaster? (Frances via Fashion Advice)

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    No, no, patterned rain boots are not a fashion disaster at all.

    As a matter of fact, the wildly patterned, crazy colored patterned rain boots from a few seasons ago have given way to a more sophisticated and rugged look of puddle jumps. Some, even so chic, that you may just wish for a rainy day.

    Just look at the stunning art meets style design of the Ted Baker Rain Atiri Boots pictured at top for totally gorgeous & grown-up patterned stylish rain boots.

    What you want to consider for a stylish way to wear rainboots is to avoid the obviously kiddy colors and rubber ducky styling of boots that your three-year old would wear (Ok, it’s raining, you can have a mommy-daughter moment… this time).

    Look for styles that are a spin-off regular lug sole boots or opt for a classic, like a can’t go wrong Hunter Boots. When it comes to prints, patterns & textures, opt for ones that mimic the real like snakeskin rather than a rainbow of polka dots. If you do go kooky with your rainboots, ground it with something sophisticated like a new classic trench coat.

    Honestly, it’s raining, do what you need to do to add some stylish sunshine to your day!

    I pulled some grown-up, chic & stylish rain boots for you to consider:


    Pictured: Ted Baker Rain Boots – Atiri

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