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  • How To Wear Pleated Pants For A Modern Vibe


    Worn the right way slouchy, pleated pants are just the right breezy alternative for hot summer days

    I know there are those of you who can remember the day that the gruesome pleated pant finally went out of style to make way for the more slimming flat front pants.

    This trend may not be for you.Then, there are those of you who still cling on to the same dowdy collection of pleated pants that you have been wearing steadily with your chenille cardigan and polo shirt for years.

    pure DKNY Pleat Front Pants at ShopBop

    pure DKNY Pleat Front Pants at ShopBop

    This trend may not be for you either.But there is the new generation of pleated pants devotees. The ones who understand how to make this once tired style look modern, fresh, and very alive again. Just look at the pleated pants with the fresh street style vibe on the two women above who were discovered by Stylesight.

    If you can see the nuance, you’re gonna love pleated pants again!It’s all in the cut and how your style your pleat-front pants, or even pleated shorts.

    Style Points:There’s a bit of slouch to them this time around the pleats are softer and more drapey rather then the hard-edge, crisp pleating of years ago. Drop-crotch pants look better with pleats too.

    1. The drape continues to a tapered leg rather than the boxy and matronly hem of years ago.
    2. They are worn with clean and simple tops to let the pleats be the style focus.
    3. A rolled hem makes them super cute, modern and casual.
    4. Attention goes to your feet with a tapered leg, be sure your shoes are fab!
    5. Platform sandals make them perfect for dressier occasions.
    6. Keep the look off-handed to avoid a dated feel.

    Fit Tips:

  • Although it would seem that the pleats are camouflage for a pouchy tummy, it’s quite the opposite. A rounded belly causes the pleats to spread open so this style really looks better on those with a lean midsection.
  • Be sure there is enough drape in your thigh so the pleats create soft volume and don’t pull or grab in the hips. Buying a size up and taking in the waist may be in order.

  • Street Style Photos: Stylesight,com

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