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    Witty, cheeky, brilliant, and VERY fashionable

    It’s funny how the fashion flock can sometimes take themselves so seriously.

    Add some tongue-in-cheek insider observations and it’s Humor Chic!

    Karl Lagerfeld and Vivienne Westwood

    Karl Lagerfeld and Vivienne Westwood

    aleXsandro Palombo (yes, the a is small, the X is a capital as is the P to represent the Latin symbols for Pax Christi) likes to think of himself as the father of fashion satire.

    He has just the right amount of wit and whimsy to poke a very manicured finger right back at the fashion industry and have them smile all the better for it with Humor Chic, the world’s first Daily Society Portrait blog.

    Palombo is a global foot soldier (Prada or Dior Homme, I wonder) of vivid illustration with entertaining critiques and social parodies on all that is fashion, culture, society, manners and celebrities.

    Just in time for Paris Fashion Week, we bring you his preview for tomorrow of Valentino Garavani and Sonya Rykiel (above) and Karl Lagerfeld and Vivienne Westwood (right)– you’ll have to guess at the headlines until tomorrow.

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    For a taste of this past New York Fashion Week, here is Palombo’s take on fur…


    Humor Chic New York Fashion Week animal tendency - André Leon Talley, Wear it Before it Eats You!

    Humor Chic New York Fashion Week animal tendency – André Leon Talley, Wear it Before it Eats You!

    Humor Chic New York Fashion Week animal tendency – André Leon Talley, Wear it Before it Eats You!On the opening days of the New York shows the main trends are already beginning to emerge. Prominent among them is the big comeback of fur as the forthcoming protagonist. It appeared on the catwalks of stylists Peter Som, Prabal Gurung and Alexander Wang and was welcomed with a certain interest by buyers like Bloomingdale’s fashion director Stephanie Solomon, who declared that people buy furs in autumn as a way of keeping warm.

    At this point Humor Chic thought it would be interesting to meet the delightful André Leon Talley editor-at-large for American Vogue magazine. André has always had a deep passion for everything savage and desirable, from super chic accessories in crocodile to luxurious coats of splendid mink, chinchilla, and all other fishy, fleshy or furry creatures. So how can he manage to achieve a such a high quality/high value look? By nurturing a deep, abiding love…for all things animal! — aleXsandro Palombo


    If you have not discovered Humor Chic, start now... you never know, you may find your name in it one day.


    Humor Chic News:

    • Every Sunday from the 7th of March, aleXsandro Palombo illustrate a new feature for the Sunday Times Style Magazine UK.
    • "101 Things To Buy Before You Die" illustrated by aleXsandro Palombo for the special book supplement of the February issue of Turkish Harper’s Bazaar .


    Illustrations: aleXsandro Palombo

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