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  • I”ll Have What She’s Having- Sexy Red Lips Like Olivia Wilde at the Ralph Lauren Show

    Ralph Lauren Spring 2012 Collection Show - Olivia Wilde

    Celebrity beauty that you will want to covet…

    Nothing says classic glamour faster than the pale skin and matte red lipstick Olivia Wilde graced the Ralph Lauren show front row with- flawless skin and gorgeous lips.

    • *If you have a good complexion you'll require only a sheer base and a light powder, where there is a little ruddiness use a medium weight foundation blend from side to side, from forehead smooth below the jaw.
    • *This look is all about the lips so the eyes are all about the lashes, use two coats of mascara and define the brow with your shade of eyebrow powder.
    • *This lip is defined with a medium natural lip pencil with a matte Red Lipstick that cover's the whole lip with no visible lip liner.

    And off you go! Part Hollywood Glamour yet fiercely Classical beauty, with just a bit of cat eye liner too. –Brad Boles

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    Discover your favorite shade of red lipstick….

    Photo Credit:   Photography/FirstView and Post/shootdigital courtesy of Ralph Lauren Collection

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