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  • I’ll Have What She’s Having: Kate Moss in Ksubi cut-off shorts and heels

    Kate Moss rocks her black Ksubi cut-off shorts in London

    As if Ms. Moss would get it wrong, but a whole lot of others do so let’s share some tips to get it right…

    Ragged but refined cut-offs, tailored jacket, asymmetrical hemmed- T-shirt hanging out, low-key duffle bag, and to-die-for platforms.


    No over affected, jangling It-gizmos, no excess of skin to distract and cheapen her look, absolutely the right amount of off-handed chic that keeps Kate Moss ahead of the style pack.

    Now, Kate looks fantastic in her black Ksubi cut-offs and heels but it’s not as easy a look to pull off for most.
    You would think, but from what I see on the street, shorts can get tricky.


    Kate Moss paid a visit to her local garden center in London this weekend wearing black Ksubi cut-off shorts

    There are three ways to go wrong with this look and how to make it right:

    1) Hoochy-Coochie– Too tight, too short, and too revealing on top… just too-too. When you are wearing anything that is short, and do note that Kate’s Ksubi Clam Mini Shorts are not obscenely short, balance the bare skin with something more covered, like her long top, strong-shouldered blazer, and chunky platform sandals.

    2) Early Bird Special- Getting matchy-matchy with something as carefree as cut-offs tend to look like a fun-loving senior dressing up her dress down outfit and heading off to the diner for dindin. Don’t take shorts too seriously; they are what they are, stay simple and fresh.

    3) Dishwasher with Legs– Like the poor girl thinking she really had it going on outside Lucky Strike last night. Avoid the box! Not every look is for every figure type. If you are on the wide side and no matter how shapely your legs are, you tend to appear very boxy and shapeless when you wear short shorts. Create the illusion of a curvier body and opt for longer and leaner cut shorts worn with a drapey less structured top.

    We know you can do it…

    Now, go look at some other cool things from the Australian brand Ksubi:

    Photo credit: People’s Revolution


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