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    Straight talk dish and no bologna and cheese

    He is Miss J. Alexander, the zany and straight shooting, model dishing diva from a zillion television seasons’ of “America’s Next Top Model to most of you. But to me he is my old friend Alex.

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    Slightly outrageous but more down-to-earth and compassionate than “out there,” Alexander Jenkins stopped by our loft while  he was in NY filming for an impromptu din-din, a cup of tea (sorry, we were out of honey), nasty feet talk (some things never change), and the idea to give my young son, a budding filmmaker wannabe, the opportunity to shoot, edit, and share a very raw, In the Kitchen “biographical” video, where of course, he tells it like it is.

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    For those who crave a bit of J. Alexander and me trivia, we met through a strange coincidence back at Studio 54 when we were mere embryos posing on the dance floor in Charles Jourdan champagne heels. We both suffered the most unfortunate fashion faux pas of breaking the heel on one of our stilettos! Alex showed me the way to stand proud with one broken heel and there we connected in the most fabulous way.

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    Years later, Alex was the roommate of a friend and hairstylist that I worked with and when he was not otherwise engaged in his own couture designs, Alex would sometimes act as my stylist assistant. Can you imagine?! He was a backseat model coach then, standing to the rear of photo set demonstrating to the girl how to have pretty hands and making sure that everyone was in their place. A day spent with Miss J. was like a lifetime of model coaching, plus a whole lot of belly laughs.

    Frivolity aside, Alex went to school to be an accountant and you will never see his ‘monkey paws’ hanging out like bologna and cheese with a side of some biscuit heels… do get In the Kitchen with Miss J. Alexander to learn more… that is until the episodes of his new Tyra-produced makeover show, “Operation Fabulous” with Mr. Jay Manuel comes to a station near you! Right now, kick back in my kitchen and enjoy my son’s video.

    –December 8, 2008

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