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  • Indrani to Jill Zarin to the possible NEW Real Housewife, some Millionaire Matchmaker scoop, there’s gossip and glamour in the Hamptons this week

    The Bravo cameras are rolling like mad in the Hamptons and I got caught up in them. Shhhh… they may be picking up a new Bravo family member for next season!

    Oh my, breathless Brad Boles is still roaming about the Hamptons and finds himself slammed in the middle of more Bravo family dish. The man has a nose for dish, and some fashion and beauty tips too –S.H.

    The East End was crawling with Bravo camera crews this past weekend.

    Oh, what goes on under this beautiful Hamptons sunset!

    Oh, what goes on under this beautiful Hamptons sunset!

    On Saturday alone, I was involved in two shoots one starting at 11AM involving a potential NEW Housewife for “The Real Housewives of New York City!” This was NOT a set up. I just happened to be doing the interiors of this hottie’s Bridgehampton home when the doorbell rang. I answered it to the shock and amusement of the camera crew!

    Needless to say, the maybe new Housewife pulled it off without a hitch, even though there were tractors and workmen in the background. And there I was directing the workman not the camera crew… brick by brick! All the while, the potential new Housewife was dripping in diamonds and 5-inch Louboutins!

    Gorgeous, equally yummy, half-naked staff then served a sumptuous lunch… ooh baby! Now, if that is not what makes a Housewife, I don’t know what does. Believe me ladies, I’m lucky enough to have the original and funniest RHONYC Jill Zarin as a dear friend and I know what a Real Housewife is all about!


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    How big is your match?

    That evening I found myself at the Bravo filming of “Millionaire Matchmaker” in the tony Southampton home of a very sexy and powerful millionairess. Believe me, there were more lights and cameras than the East End has seen in a while.

    The crowd consisted of a very beautiful mix of single ladies and eligible men. My metrosexual guy friend Rob Siegel and I ran into another Bravo family member at the party— Indrani, who was a guest of Jill and Bobby Zarin. We had a great time gossiping about Indrani’s “Double Exposure” show and what goes into those over-the-top photo shoots! And you thought my life is crazy!

    Beach blanket by Isabel & Rueben Toledo for Harlem designers at Target

    Let’s talk really cool fashion at bargain prices.

    Isabel and Ruben Toledo designed a fabulous summer line for Target. Their collection consists of beach wear in the coolest bold prints and the smartest beach towel this side of Coney Island! The best part of all this is Manhattanites will finally be able to enjoy Target a Target without going to Brooklyn—one is coming to East Harlem on July 25th. How’s that for a hot tip?

    Age spots, no way.

    Have you ladies noticed that you get those unsightly age spots along your hairline? Well, I have the no longer best-kept secret of all those fancy Upper East Side women and supermodels alike. Dr. Gregory Bays Brown, the acclaimed plastic surgeon, created the most incredible line of skincare called ReVive.

    He has a product called ReVive Arrete Booster C that you use at night under your night cream. It gently fades all discoloration within a few weeks… you really can’t leave home without this product, it’s better than American Express! Naomi Campbell is known for slathering her entire body in the $600 dollar bottle of ReVive Intensité Volumizing Serum… how’s that for deep pockets!

    Maison 24 in Bridgehampton

    Maison 24 in Bridgehampton

    Live as pretty as you look.

    Now that we’ve got you in a great bikini and glowing skin, let’s talk about a little makeover for house. No one wants a dull, boring home and a summer place should be lighthearted and full of whimsy. in Bridgehampton is the go-to store from gifts to the great modern furniture. The quirky pillows for the bed or sofa, are just the right touch to switch up a room at affordable prices… go check them out!

    Southern tourist to Hamptons suave metrosexual makeover.

    I didn’t forget about you men! As promised, my metrosexual-about-town Rob Siegel did a quickie makeover on his Southern buddy Brad– not me, as we all know, I do not need a make-over. Rob’s buddy was desperate for help, as you can see!

    Rob's metroxual buddy makeover-- quite a difference!

    Rob’s metroxual buddy makeover– quite a difference!

    Rob shares: The other Brad, is a true Charlotte / Dallas Southern guy’s guy. This was his first time to the Hamptons, and boy did he dress like it.

    Before: think athletic gear, jeans shorts, black & white ratty cotton t-shirts.

    After: think casual Hampton chic and trendy! Here he is now in Paul Smith shorts, a bright Ralph Lauren polo, Quicksilver flips, and Prada Shades.

    Take note: If your man is in a desperate need of a fashion makeover in the Hamptons, drag him to Scoop, Blue & Cream, Ralph Lauren, Varvatos or Boss. Shop for the 3 C’s: colors, comfort and casual!!

    That’s it for this week. I made a pit stop back in NYC for the night and it’s time to head back to the East End for some more summer fabulousness! –Brad Boles


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