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  • Jamie Lee Curtis, the ultimate make-under

    Christmas With The Kranks

    From fab to drab in Christmas with the Kranks and how you can avoid it happening to you!

    In our makeover madness culture, it’s almost impossible to imagine how a woman that we’ve come to know as great looking can ever look blah. While the big reveal of a terrific makeover can be awe-inspiring, the realization than anyone can look pretty darn lackluster without that added pizzazz called style is startling.

    Jamie Lee Curtis totally nails the frumpy suburban “anywoman” as her character Nora Krank in Revolution Studios’ comedy Christmas With The Kranks, a Columbia Pictures release.


    In the movie, Jamie Lee cranks down the volume of her personal style to inaudible for her metamorphosis into something of The Frumpalator, a boring looking, middle-aged woman with sub-zero fashion sense.

    What does it take to look so humdrum? Really, it’s not anything so uncommon, just a bad bob that does nothing for her features, dull hair color, some dorky turtleneck in an infantile holiday pattern, and the piece de résistance of a droopy 3-D motif vest.

    The message is clear, cruddy hair and ill-fitting, styleless clothing are a guaranteed way to descend from extraordinary to ordinary in a flash.

    Now, if Nora’s look is a little too close for comfort, it’s high time to start looking modern. Get a hairstyle with some layers to flatter your face. Add a few highlights to brighten your complexion. Burn the dowdy duds– particularly the ones with juvenile patterns– and find some stylish essentials that fit your figure. Who knows, you may wind up looking years younger!

    –November 25, 2004

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