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  • I’ll Have What She’s Having: Jane Fonda, Aspirational Ageless Beauty

    Jane Fonda- Timeless, Gorgeous, Ageless Beauty

    If you are going to resemble someone, best be a beauty who sustains…

    I have the kind of face that people find some kindred association. Usually, an insistence that they know me from high school, from somewhere, they are convinced.

    Or, they think that I look like a celebrity.

    The celebrities seem to range far and wide and are more dependent on the age of the person who initiated the comparison rather than a direct relevance to me.

    It’s been insisted that I resemble Terri Hatcher, Sigourney Weaver, Brittany Murphy, and Frances McDormand. When I permed my hair it was Marie Schnieder from her Last Tango in Paris days– boy, that image sticks in the mind of some men. There are a slew of other stretches that I can’t quite recall at the moment. But the one that always makes me smile is Jane Fonda.

    I clearly remember the dentist who used to parade me out to his waiting room to show the other kids what a mouth without cavities looked like. As I stood there in complete embarrassment with my mouth wide open to a room full of sticky fingered kids, the dentist would also say, “doesn’t she look like a young Jane Fonda?” Well, who could tell when the only clear picture was of my tonsils glaring back and face so red that he probably should have said that I resemble Hell Boy! The dentist was not the only one who thought he saw the resemblance, just the most colorful.

    All the nonsense aside, I’ve admired Ms. Fonda for years, not for just her looks and talent, but more for how she stands up for what she believes in. And for how she sustains her elegance and individuality to always look chic, effortless, and right on the mark. I can even see a slight resemblance if you really push the envelope to how she looked in Klute, it must be the shaggy brown hair.

    Fast-forward 38 years from Klute to last night. Behold how stunning Ms. Fonda looked at the 63rd Annual Tony Awards. We don’t like to talk age as true beauty should be timeless, but she is a Septuagenarian, and a fantastic looking one at best. Now, that is something to aspire to– ultimate ageless chic with an expression that shows a life well lived! –June 8, 2009

    Sylvain Gaboury / PR Photos

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