Jeans – Classic Vs. Trendy on Kate Middleton and Diane Kruger

When it comes to denim, you can go any way you want, from dressed up to comfy and fuss-free, just take a look at Diane Kruger and Kate Middleton who both worked denim to their advantage from the oh-so trendy to the discreetly classic…

The other day Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, wore a classic pair of dark skinny jeans at the Cross Country Equestrian competition at the 2012 London Olympic Games and looked polished and quite glamorous to boot.

What made it work besides a great fit on a toned bod was her pairing of a natty fitted blazer and a forever-chic white button-down -which you can never go wrong with.

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And across the pond actress Diane Kruger once again caught our eye while making denim look trendy although just as chic by working a pale pink pair of jeans with a playful animal print tee.

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Both style stars made their jeans look positively their own while evoking the kind of fuss-free ease that make jeans such a valuable commodity in all of our wardrobes.

What do you prefer? While Kruger looks cool and uncomplicated, we are all about Middleton’s mastering of classic American style, after all, from daily routines to running errands to gallery hopping, you can’t go wrong with a look that screams polished while thinking that it takes little to no effort to put together.

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Photos: Kate Middleton: J.Brand via Facebook, Diane Kruger: Bally

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