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  • Something to focus on: Jessica Alba style inspiration for casual runaround easy chic on the go


    I’ll Have What She’s Having: Jessica Alba’s casual runaround style is something to take note of next time you are out & about and on the go…

    The actress and busy mom recently stepped out in your average but forever stylish plaid top and jean ensemble recently but what made her look so memorable was her gorgeously face framing vibrant ombre topper. And what is becoming a signature cute floppy fedora for her too!

    So next time you are heading out the door ready to combat your daily routine, think about opting for something similarly distinctive while avoiding having to sacrifice comfort. Just look at how arresting she looks without having to try too hard.

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    What makes Jessica’s casual chic look work here:

    • Her pink ombre jacket stands out not only because of its dye technique, but also by way of layering with simple, mellow hued pieces that let one piece do all the talking. her’s is by Dior, but this Surface to Air one is pretty nice too.
    • Her jacket’s ombre effect is effectively placed to highlight her face and slim down her silhouette.
    • By pairing her jacket with jeans and flats, she dresses the piece down enough to take away any sense of preciousness that pieces more formal would attract.

    What are some of your own tricks when it comes to standing out from the crowd? Sound off in the comments section below.

    CLICK around the inspiration board I made below to get the essense of Jessica Alba style:

    Photo: Dior

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