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  • Jill Zarin Kept Me Very Busy but I did find time for glam and gossip in the Hamptons

    From bedsheets to boobs and all the reality meat in between…



    Brad’s at it again, and I’m sure you want to get a handle on his party hopping and social schmoozing out in the Hamptons way. Did you see the transcript from our radio show last week? Tune in and listen to us disk on Focus on Style Talk Radio.— S.H.

    The Hamptons Social Shuffle:

    My weekend was glamorous beyond. You know you are in a tony town when there’s an Aspery in South Hampton and a Hermes in East Hampton of which I’m no stranger to either. Convenience can be dangerous, as I’ve recently ordered my Man Birkin with chrome detail of course!


    Speaking of luxury, my girlfriend Christine Reidinger the Director of Marketing for Sotheby’s International Realty’s NRT division invited me to the fabulous ArtHamptons event preview party benefiting Long House Reserve.

    There was no red carpet and but there were more stars then in the constellation that included David and Susan Rockefeller, Jackson Brown, Keith Addis, Sam Waterson, Senator Frank Lautenberg and Vera Wang all weaving in and out of the art and wine bars stationed every 10 feet! I have to say that ArtHamptons is giving Art Basel a run for there money!

    Brad Boles & Christine Reidinger at ArtHamptons

    Brad Boles & Christine Reidinger at ArtHamptons

    Progressive Hollywood Family Values:

    Then it was off to a beach house for a BBQ only to realize it was being hosted by a very famous film star and his lovely wife, plus HIS boyfriend and their kids! Now how’s that for modern?

    Jill Zarin Kept Me Very Busy:


    Jill Zarin at her book signing

    Jill Zarin at her book signing

    Next stop was South Hampton for Jill Zarin‘s book signing. My favorite mamala, Jill tweeted that I would be attending her “Secrets of a Jewish Mother” book event and, oh my, what a great turn out there was!


    First Jill read a passage about her husband Bobby. Then she announced that I was in the house… to my surprise, a wonderful round of applause broke out! Jill and I were able to put a lot of rumors to rest, and yes, if Jill comes back for Season 4 of ‘The Real Housewives of New York City” you will see a lot of me. Jill and Bobby may be building their dream house by Charles Regensburg out East and how fun the construction and design process would be to watch as the season ensues.

    FYI: Jill’s signature collection of bedding launches in the fall. Believe me, Jill attended to every detail and the line is amazingly beautiful!

    Later that evening, Jill and Bobby opened their home to host a fundraiser for Charlie Crist, the governor of Florida who is running on the Independent ticket for senate. In my opinion, Governor Crist has done such a stellar job running the state where he is known as “The People’s Governor.” Believe me, I’ve seen some of his work first hand.

    Talk about flank steak! Ladies flank Brad & Rob at the party for "Meat," the new reality show

    Talk about flank steak! Ladies flank Brad & Rob at the party for "Meat," the new reality show

    There’s a NEW reality show:

    Let’s talk about “Meat” of the edible and what people swoon over kind. My metrosexual guy Rob Siegel and I were invited to the filming of a new reality show called “Meat.”

    The show has a crazy premise about a father and his two sons who sing their way through a catered BBQ in a ritzy New York all-white penthouse with a fabulous 1,000 square foot terrace.

    While the cameras were rolling, the ladies were swooning like flies to a picnic over Rob! Straight men take note: See what happens when you’re a well-groomed guy?

    An orange jumpsuit anyone?


    Lindsay Lohan made the cover of today's New York Post

    Lindsay Lohan made the cover of today’s New York Post

    Jailbird Lindsay Lohan is checking into the big house today. I received a call from the producers of “Inferno” and they have postponed the movie’s filming indefinitely but they are hopeful it with will start middle of November. You know that I am supposed to do Lindsay’s make-up on the film?

    More appealing colors for you guys:

    I’m turning over the men’s style advice to my guy Rob Siegel, since he was almost mauled at the “Meat” party… all the girls swooned over him and I think he stole the show. Can you imagine that some horndog woman even told ME that she was commando and I should see… some of those “ladies” were looking for man meat on the menu!

    As we are gearing up for August in the Hamptons, you straight guys need all the help you can get. Trust me, I know. I’ve seen YOU! This is what Rob has to say about summer chic:

    The key to men’s style is to get some variety in your wardrobe:

    You know the type of guy who you can tell all about him by the way he dresses… and it’s always the same?

    There’s the Preppie who always wears khakis and has his collar popped, and the requisite blue blazer. The Biker Dude always wears dark jeans, a faded T-shirt with cut sleeves to show off his tats, and black boots. Now don’t get me wrong, all looks can be cool in the appropriate setting. But why get stuck in a fashion rut?

    Gratuitous shot of Brad & Rob

    Gratuitous shot of Brad & Rob

    Here are my metro- fashion tips for looking chic in a casual Hamptons setting this summer:


    • Vary your looks. Don’t be afraid to try something new. It’s ok to go along with the hottest fashion trends from time-to-time. Mix it up and look cool and stylish.
    • Add some color. If you normally go blue jeans, think white or yellow linen pants. Swap out the dull, drab T-shirt or Tommy Bahama look with a snappy, bright colored Polo or iZod. Patterns are great too and you’ll look handsome at the Bridgehampton Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge
    • Pool party look. If you look good half-naked, then don’t be afraid to wear a hot pair of euro-cut boy shorts. Think – Hugo Boss Orange. They make a great line of boyshorts swimwear. If you are a little more reserved, then nothing is as cool and sleek as a crisp white v-neck tee (think Scoop or even Hanes) on top of a patterned pair of Ever or Villebrequin board shorts.
    • Don’t forget to accessorize. You can’t go wrong with a great pair of shades– go for Tom Ford’s modernized version of the classic aviators. Try a trendy summer scarf that’s great for wrapping around your neck at a cool, breezy beach bonfire or even better for wrapping around that Hampton’s hottie that has been checking you out all night!

    See you metro guys next week at the Hamptons Polo event, I’m sure! — Brad Boles

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