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  • Jumpsuits: Are you willing to take the plunge?


    It’s the fashion trend that’s not in your wardrobe

    Jumpsuits: Are you willing to take the plunge?
    It’s the fashion trend that’s not in your wardrobe

    Times are tight and who doesn’t watch what they buy right now. Well, at least until next season.

    So when you do get something new, make it something that says wow and certainly isn’t hanging in your closet, unless you are still hoarding onto designer relics from the early 1990’s… oops, that would be me!

    If you want to buy just one thing to update your wardrobe, the jumpsuit is it! It may be the item that separates the new fashionista from the one who has seen a few decades of style come on go, but the jumpsuit, worn in a modern way, is what keeps you fresh and ahead of today’s fashion curve.

    I have to admit, in my old school way, I can conjure images of nasty girls partying in Fort Lauderdale during spring break in rompers, the shorts version of a jumpsuit. And I can remember being so excited to meet one of those date-a-holic princesses whom a friend was seeing, only to meet her wearing an orange flightsuit and Converse sneakers as opposed to the YSL she was often photographed wearing. On the flipside, the one-piece designer version was very chic and modern, and quite versatile when worn just the right way, although cumbersome when you need to use a public loo!

    Tip: Hold belt in mouth, left hand gathers jumpsuit from hitting the floor, right hand for panties… don’t even think about adding pantyhose to the mix!

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    Jumpsuit Buying Guide:

    Either slim and sleek, with a full yet tapered leg, or the harem leg trend, today’s jumpsuit has the precise amount of edge to be fresh and has an easy off-handed vibe, albeit still a pain to wear when you have to pee. This top fashion trend is a wonderful layering piece for all those smart jackets and scarves that you’ve been accumulating and a great way to show off a fab belt… back to the bathroom nuisance.

    Try a full-length version with heels to create the look of endless legs and wear flats with your romper for a less trying too-hard feel. As with a perfect LBD, you can dress your jumpsuit up or down with your accessories and layering pieces… glam it up or play it down.

    What you do want to take account when purchasing your onsie, is that the torso fits your body and doesn’t ride up when you sit or drag beyond your bootie, so do move around, sit in the fitting room, and make sure to get a pleasing rear view. Go ahead, jump!

    –January 11, 2009





































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