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  • It or Miss: Kate Bosworth in the same red booties

    Kate's red-hot booties! via People Stylewatch

    We love it when a celebrity wears the same piece all the time!

    Our friend’s over at People StyleWatch were nice enough to capture pics of Kate Bosworth wearing, what looks to be, her favorite pair of red buckle Chloe ankle booties and a fav pair of light wash skinny jeans.

    But what do you think?

    Are these red ankle boots too jazzy and obvious to wear everyday or a fashion-must to add color to your wardrobe?

    Kate Bosworth's red hot Chloe booties via people Stylewatch

    Kate Bosworth’s red hot Chloe booties via people Stylewatch


    Look carefully, she’s wearing almost the same look daily (which we think is just fine and dandy) … just like a “real” person. is that ok when the paps are on you?
    Is it an It or Miss? Please share…

    Here’s some red boots for inspiration:


    Photos, this page only, via People StyleWatch

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