Wanna have your own Kate Middleton moment? Here’s how to copy a Royal prom look

This is your Princess Moment with tips on how to steal a Royal prom look. Prom & Wedding season is just about to begin, so what’s a girl to do when she’s to dish up a royal-worthy look?

Lucky for all of us, there’s the eternally on-point and quintessentially elegant style of Kate Middleton to look to for inspiration. Take a cue from the royal’s  contemporary nuances on old-school polish with a verve of unstoppable flair.

Q:Dear Sharon:  Hi! I need some help in accessorizing my prom dress. I already have a dress (a red knee length dress with a boat neckline), but I have no idea what to wear with it!

Our prom has a royal theme to it, so I would like to look classy/elegant/sophisticated. Also, we’re required to wear a hat (like the ones they wear at the Royal Ascot). I was thinking black, but maybe you have other ideas? It would be really nice if you could help me on what color shoes, clutch, jewelry, etc. Thank you so much in advance! (Erika via Fashion Advice)

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 Since the event is ‘Royal’ themed and you only live once (but need to spend accordingly), we suggest going for classic minded pieces that have hints of flair and off-beat personality to keep it both young & refreshing. Remember, the media flurry of Kate Middleton’s fascinator hats?  It’s a great start for a hat that’s fun & feminine!

Think of a hat and accessories in sensible shapes and hues (black wins!), but with unexpected twists that won’t date them so you can wear them again. As a simple bowler might not do. But what about something similar to Michael Maison’s (above)?

It is sophisticated, but boasts boasts the right amount of personality with an elegant use of heirloom pearls. Something like that can top off just about any look well after prom and we bet you can find likewise styles at any budget, high & low.

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And since you should start by finding the right hat first as it’s your biggest challenge here after the dress, do like any royal and coordinate! If your hat has pearls, or a say a shocking flash of vibrant color, look for shoes, jewels and clutches that echo that style feature.

This way you’ll look formal and be able to have fun with it! — Naveed Hussain

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