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  • Katy Perry Smurfette Blue Hair Wig Is California Gurls Cool on the Red Carpet and we found the matching baby wig

    2010 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

    I heard a little rumor over the make-up counter this weekend while I was shopping for a new lipstick.

    It seems that Katy Perry will be unveiling some rather fantastical and wild wigs in her new video… we’ll see if those coiffed confectionery creations come to be.

    In the mean time, I’m totally in love with her electric blue, Bettie Paige-esque, glam girl hair that she sported at the MTV Music Awards this weekend. It is full-on wacky color, but the super coiffed style brings it up a notch to be super chic– hey, that’s Katy Perry’s style in a nutshell!

    The blue hair is really not out of the blue for Katy, she also sports blue hair on the cover of “California Gurls,” that features Snoop Dogg, and tells the Los Angeles Times, it’s “probably because I’m going to be a Smurfette one day.” That would be for the 3D “The Smurfs Movie,” that is scheduled to be released at the end of the year.

    While electric blue hair is a pretty tough one to pull off for most of us, there will be a gazillion sandbox set cuties all wanting to be a Smurfette very soon. I can’t help but love this blue baby wig that is bound to be a favorite in the dress-up drawer… you can never be too young to get your glam on!

    Blue Baby Wig

    Blue Baby Wig

    Katy Perry talks about her blue hair to the Los Angeles Times:


    Photographer: Bob Charlotte / PR Photos

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