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  • Make a Stylish Move in Color- Kirsten Dunst Did, Here’s how you can too…

    Kirsten Dundst in Yellow

    I’ll Have What She’s Having: A burst of stylish color in my wardrobe because THIS yellow is far from mellow!

    Last week actress Kirsten Dunst worked one of the season’s most vibrant trends while donning head-to-toe monochromatic color in Stella McCartney separates and looked all the more put together for it.

    While making her stand out from the crowd in a dinner ready suit, Dunst’s outfit also elongates her look while giving off a polished sense of maturity that should serve as a guide as to how girls in their early 30’s should consider dressing.

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    What made it work and saved it from making her look like a marigold column were effortless styling tricks and a restrained hand at pairing the look together.

    When going monochrome, keep these tips in mind:

    • Look for a suit with contrast like Dunst’s who’s pants have a delicate pattern on them
    • Start the look off with a neutral, classic minded foundation like the actress’s white blouse
    • Keep accessories & your beauty routine simple and on the traditional side as to keep the eye focused on how the color of your outfit highlights your face
    • Show some skin and look for breaks at the neckline and pant hem to keep you looking long and lean

    Give your daywear looks a bold update with these options:

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