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  • La Bella Figura and The Genius


    A funny thing happened to me at the Genius Bar- it was more chic than geek.

    I’m the poster child for excessive Mac consumption (and, not of the cosmetics variety) so I’ve spent plenty of time perched at a Genius Bar. This weekend was no exception.

    While we were waiting for a diagnostic to run its course on my ailing iMac the Genius and I started chit-chatting to pass the time. Once he learned that I was in fashion, he wondered if I knew about la bella figura as he spent some time in Milan.

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    Of course I did. It translates pretty much as good form, but means so much more.

    “Bella Figura means “the beautiful figure” but is actually a way of life emphasizing beauty, good image, aesthetics and proper behavior.” as described here.

    The Genius caught up in his enthusiasm continued to demonstrate how the cut of ones garment should be perfectly cut to flatter the figure of its wearer, all while wearing his blue Apple T-shirt.

    He got it.

    Then, we both wondered how this old world European aesthetic of propriety in elegance— there’s French Chic too– has missed so many of us.  You know, the devoted followers of fashion who gorge themselves with every spangly new trend until each becomes indistinguishable from the next.

    We both don’t get it.

    The Genius continued to explain how he was a fan of fashion but not necessarily a high consumer. “Did you see the Chanel show,” he asked. Interesting. It’s wasn’t for his love of Karl but  for the spectacle of the presentation in the brand’s renewable energy themed show that he appreciated as an artist.

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    Then there is the other kind of spectacle: The bedazzled beauties bursting at their seams while teetering in heels that they can barely support themselves. Is it the Sunday morning walk of shame or  daywear overload?

    Moral of the story: Be a fan of fashion but a devotee of la bella figura. It’s genius!

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