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  • Lady Gaga Polaroid Snapshots


    Hey, are you looking for some ‘roid rage? You won’t find it any better than when iconic old school Polaroid and shot out of any school, Lady Gaga meld.

    As the Creative Director (a celebrity collaboration that we whole heartedly approve) for Polaroid, Lady Gaga has the perfect iconic tool to document her insanely creative couture creations. In a click and asnap she will bring Polaroid back to the masses, where it belongs.

    Lady Gaga Polaroid snaps

    Lady Gaga Polaroid snaps


    Lady Gaga joins Matthew Williams in documenting her life over the past months in NY, LA and Miami (New Year’s, that Armani Prive creation at the Grammys) with these all-new, never before seen Polaroid snapshots in the May issue of V Magazine to hit newsstands until May 11th.


    Photos: V Magazine and Mathew Williams

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