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  • Laptop Lifestyle + Freedom: How to Make It Work

    Laptop Lifestyle

    The beauty of leading your own online business is that you can afford the time to see some places without waiting for vacation time

    Many entrepreneurs and business owners today are living this “laptop lifestyle”.

    Instead of being tied to your office, you’re free to go and work from wherever you like.

    You’re able to explore new places you’ve never been to before. All while staying productive.

    But there’s a few caveats…

    I’ve noticed that having a partner with a job that ties him to one place and living a laptop lifestyle is not necessarily mutually exclusive. But with some compromising and time planning, we manage to work wonderfully for both of us.

    Like right now.  (I’m currently at the Majestic Hotel in Yosemite, California!)

    So, this is what I highly suggest you to if you want to explore new cultures + be free all while staying on top of your business needs:

    The main take-away here is to plan out burst vacations…

    You don’t have to fly over half the globe to see new places and new cultures.

    It’s enough to set aside an extended weekend to go and visit a different part of your own country with your partner.

    You’d be surprised by how many new things you can discover without crossing the border.

    This way, you’ll:

    • actually see the places you want to visit
    • spend some quality time with your partner
    • charge your batteries
    • feel like you’re living the real laptop lifestyle, even for a moment

    Prioritizing and managing your schedules to fit in the time for short vacations will bring you all the benefits above + cut down the possible feeling that you’re missing out.

    BONUS TIP: How to connect with your tribe and find the right business coach.

    When you do a lot of business travelling, whether it’s with your partner or alone, learn to avoid frustration.

    One of the most important things I’ve learned over the course of years is that you should choose to work with people who have the same values and sort of “life perspective” as your own.

    If you are living the laptop lifestyle, you don’t want to be frequenting parts of the country where people generally don’t have the same expectations as you…

    It can really suck up all of your energy.

    So if you’re working with a business coach or a mentor, and you frequently need to travel to collaborate with them, make sure they come from the places you’d like to visit, and are kind of on the same page with you when it comes to the way you see the world.

    The same thing goes for your tribe and potential clients. You should be seeking out like minded individuals that will align with your values.

    It makes the world of a difference, because these trips become much more fun, delightful and valuable for you.

    All right, hope it helps a bit. If you know someone who’d benefit from these tips, don’t forget to share this post with them.

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