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  • Light-Up Jimmy Choo Zap Sandals brighten your nights

    They will see you coming & going in these too fabulous sandals that light up with every step!

    It’s funny but I was secretly thrilled when my then kindergarten age son didn’t have an ongoing yen for those light-up sneakers. I understood the practicality of a child wearing shoes with flashing lights at night, but the novelty of all that blinking drove me nuts.

    I have a similar love / hate with what is proving to be one of the most talked about shoes for Spring, the Jimmy Choo Zap Light-Up Platform Sandals.

    Jimmy Choo Light-Up Platform Sandals

    Jimmy Choo Light Up Platform Sandals

    Think of it as Studio 54 at your feet. Instead of dancing under the infamous neon moon and spoon, the Jimmy Choo light-up shoes have some glowing disco lights in their 5" heels.

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    No stranger to shoes that tip the luxury price-tag, the Light-Ups are almost a bargain as compared to to the Q by Pasquale glass couture shoes . If you are the heartiest of party girls and do opt for the disco light-up shoes, I can almost be assured that you will "Turn the Beat Around" with every step. Catch you on the dance floor…

    Jimmy Choo Light-Up Platform Sandals available for pre-order at

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