Listen Up! Ear Wangs by Fanny Wang Headphones for sound with grown-up style appeal

Ear Wangs

Sometimes you want a pair of on-ear headphones that don’t look like you’re ready to join the wannabe DJ set. Nothing wrong with the super-sized headphone look but at a certain age you look kinda ridiculous working out with a set of motherships attached to your head, not to mention some blinged out logo.

If you’re looking for something with a stylish yet sophisticated flair, Ear Wangs by Fanny Wang Headphones Co. in the “freshly squeezed” Duo Color 1000 Series may just be it.

Ear Wangs by Fanny Wang Headphone Co.
Ear Wangs by Fanny Wang Headphone Co. at

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Besides  a sleek look that’s clean and chic, and lightweight, Fanny Wang’s custom-paired titanium-plate drivers are “tuned to deliver natural, thumping bass with crystal clear mids and highs” with 50mm drivers, magnetically shielded cables and circuitry that Fanny Wang claims delivers the cleanest sound reproduction in its class.

Ear Wangs also have a cool Duo Jack that’s great for plane travel so you can piggyback another headset and watch a movie with your seatmate. Or, if they’re stuck with the $2 pair from the airline, they may just be sitting a little bit closer.

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