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  • London Style: Hussein Chalayan ‘From Fashion and Back’ at the Design Museum

    Design Museum, London | Hussein Chalayan Exhibition

    There’s only one destination on every London girl’s schedule right now… the Design Museum. Yes, it seems excitement is in the air as the museum sees the launch of Hussein Chalayan‘s new exhibition, ~From Fashion and Back‘.

    As an exploration of the talented designer’s career from the launch of his label in 1994 to his current collection, the exhibition showcases some of the designer’s most visionary work.

    Fashion-fans can get up-close-and-personal with some spectacular items that encapsulate futuristic fashion.

    Design Museum, London | Hussein Chalayan Exhibition (photo: Luke Hayes)

    Technology and its influence is an idea which runs throughout the exhibition: Chalayan’s creation of a mechanical dress that morphs into another garment whilst being worn is beyond belief and his use of laser-lights as embellishment is very unique.

    Hussei Chalayan, Sp07 Collection; Photographer: Chris Moore

    Born in Cyprus in 1970, Chalayan graduated from Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in London in 1993. He has gone on to be twice named British Designer of the Year and he lives in London where he works from his East London studio and he shows in Paris.

    Hussein Chalayan, Sp08 Collection; Photographer: Moritz Waldemeyer

    Hussein Chalayan, Sp08 Collection; Photographer: Moritz Waldemeyer Hussein Chalayan is certainly a creator of innovative fashion but is it possible for us all to be influenced by this ultramodern trend.

    It may look amazing, but it’s definitely not practical for us to wander around in a dress with a mind of its own, but apocalyptic fashion does not have to be scary. To add a touch of the futuristic to your wardrobe, try opting for reflective fabrics, embellishment or items with exaggerated shapes. Kirsty in London


    Here for museum info.


    Photos, this page only, courtesy of the Design Museum, London.


    –February, 15, 2009


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