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  • Look Five Years Younger with an Instant Make-Over like Rooney Mara’s

    Rooney Mara Hairstyle Inspiration

    Over a short time all eyes have been on Rooney Mara’s super-slick style as she’s been making some bewilderingly gorgeous appearances on & off the red carpet but do you remember the star before her ‘Dragon Tatoo’ remake?

    Like many out there, she was mousey, fragile and a tad too basic and that’s why she should serve as inspiration when considering easy, quick and affordable ways to change-up your look this season.

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    Besides a complete image overhaul, most winning would have to be Mara’s now signature dark bangs- here’s how you can do the do and revive your beauty routine while appearing younger and revitalized.

    When considering bangs, first think about how they’ll work on you especially if your hair is curly or textured as they make it a challenge not worth contemplating since it just won’t work. The trick is to get bangs that are long, thick and straight to highlight the face with framing fringe that is easy to manage.

    Above, a mousey however adorably fresh-faced Mara pre-Hollywood make-over… see how far a new hairstyle can take you!

    Look Younger, Get Bangs:

    • While variations on bangs come & go, they never really go out of style so choose a proper length(nothing too short)
    • Get a trim every 3-4 months and resist the urge to manicure them on your own in-between appointments
    • Keep your style evolving as styles change and you want to avoid falling into a rut
    • Get a cut with angles & layers to frame the face
    • Consider alternating lengths with each new season
    • Most important of all is to find the best hairdresser you can, not the most expensive, but one who leaves you filling thrilled at the end


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