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  • Cheap Chic: How to look stylish on a budget

    Shopping-how to look stylish on a budget

    How to look stylish on a budget in minutes with expert style advice…

    Take from black belt shoppers who NEVER pay full price for almost anything when it comes to looking chic while being frugal. Let’s be clear, Sharon & I both love something fabulous, at an equally fabulous price when we can. We’re here keep you looking more put together and confident, with ease that rings true to your personal style. After all, we get dressed ourselves and no matter how much attention we pay to the runways and gain experience in the fashion industry, we still learn something new for ourselves every week.

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    Kate Spade Saturday

    Kate Spade Saturday

    And as we start to bore of our winter wardrobes, let’s consider the little tweaks you can do that will cost little or no money and save for future wardrobe crisis’.

    • Try a belt- One of the easiest tricks one can do is to belt everything when possible as a belt helps define your figure and changes your silhouette while adding a bit of personality. Think about an unexpected color or detail to really liven things up.
    • Look for bold shoes (on sale!)- Just after the holidays, it’s that time of year where you’re certain to find statement making shoes for a steal. The middle to end of each season is runner-up for shoe deals. Just remember that the best way to get mileage out of your purchase is to make sure your buy has a sophisticated element, like a classic heel or toe shape.
    • Update your hairstyle- A simple take on a classic (say an updo or ponytail etc.) will have all eyes on you as a new do is the hands-down cheapest update you can ever treat yourself with.

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    • Lipstick- You’ve heard it and its true, for under $20 bucks, a new lip shade can illuminate your face and become your go-to five second makeover for life.
    • Extras: gloves, stockings, jewels- Diamonds are a girl’s best friend so the saying goes, but in reality accessories should be. Just think about how adding a simple gold box chain elevates something as ho-hum as a worn in t-shirt. Or how a pair of $10 tights can change the entire mood of your look -you get the picture.
    • Alter retired pieces (that were minor investments)- Save for your wedding dress and future heirlooms, there should be plenty in everyone’s closet to source from for something to be given a twist. Why keep storing those future donatables as they continue to look lackluster? Go ahead, shorten that hem, make that sweater you haven’t worn for years sleeveless. You can always take a risk with something you just may be over.
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    Photo: Kate Spade Saturday, istock

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