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  • How to look older… Afraid people mistake her for a kid


    Q:Help! I look young for my age. I look like I’m 19 but I’m 29 and I want to be taken seriously.

    People think I’m still a student, but I’m a certified music teacher and have a few years of teaching experience. I’ve also been married for a few years. I’m currently out of a job and looking for a new one.

    I think my youthful looks may make me appear inexperienced. I am a little petite, have very fair skin, dark blond hair, baby like facial features, very small hands with short fingers, and I’m thin. To top it off, I come off energetic, and outgoing– a youthful trait. I need some serious help. I don’t even wear trendy clothes or frosted lipstick. Thanks for your help. (Oklahoma City, OK)

    A:How ironic it is, we often spend our younger days trying to look more mature than our years and then spend the rest of our life attempting to keep the years at bay!In a word, polish. Looking polished is what makes someone appear more mature, besides, hopefully, the air or experience and wisdom that evolves from being on this planet for that many more days.

    Trendy clothes only make you look modern and frumpy clothes make you look dowdy rather than older. What you need is to refine your style to portray the woman of confidence and sophistication that you are. Look like a woman who knows what flatters her figure and personal style.

    There are plenty of petite woman out there who have personal style that makes a huge impact- Jessica Simpson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna, Cristina Aguliera, Jada Pinkett Smith, Drew Barrymore, Selma Blair… get the idea? You need not be supermodel tall to carry yourself like you mean business! Pay heed to what my grandfather used to say, “good things come in small packages”. These women are all in control of their style and that’s what’s key.

    Thin is a plus, that means you’re a terrific clothes hanger- so hang some well-cut clothes on your frame instead of ones that merely keep you from being naked. Don’t dress like you are hanging around the dorm. Get a great haircut which plays up your fine features instead of droopy student hair. Learn the basics of simple, natural makeup application to enhance your delicate look and shape your eyebrows to refine your features. Frankly, I have no idea what short fingers and frosted lipstick have to do with anything.

    Energetic and outgoing stand for vitality, unless you have a bad case of teenage jitters. Think before you speak and get a grip of who you are and how you want to be portrayed. The rest will follow suit.

    –June 10, 2004


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