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  • Tricks to Look Trim. Hide the Winter 5!


    Tricks to Dress to Look Trim. Look Slim Now with tips to hide winter weight gain.

    Dear Sharon: Okay, I admit it, I have put on my winter layer of flubbery fat. It’s not as if I’m a whole size bigger, it’s just that my clothes suddenly pull and cling in a rather unflattering way.

    My question is, how can I hide these five pounds with clothing (without expanding my wardrobe, so to speak) when I know the weight will come off by spring? – Pants Runneth Over (West Bloomfield, MI)


    Dear Pants Runneth Over: Did you say stash the wide whale? Corduroy that is!

    Most of us do put on a bit of pudge in the winter and it is perfectly fine as long as your scale doesn’t creep to the other side of a high five

    You do need to keep winter weight gain in check by watching calories – particularly after the holidays- and being sure to stay active before the added pounds get out of control.

    All that good stuff about eating healthfully and exercising aside, you can look slimmer with a bit of clever clothing camouflage.

    Black is back– The fashion fairy princess came and twirled her magic wand right around your fanny for a perpetually chic and “can’t go wrong” fashion choice. Providing the fabric doesn’t have much of a sheen to it, black absorbs light and, as long as the garment fits well, an instant way to look a couple of pounds lighter.

    Monochromatic maneuvers– Head-to-toe dark neutrals are visually lengthening and slimming. Keep your eye north – south as opposed to east – west. Once you wear high contrast color combinations, your figure breaks into too many elements and cuts short the illusion of leanness.

    Graze not grip– Skim the body, not painted on the body! If you can’t stick a credit card into the pocket of your jeans without propelling your hipbones forward, your pants are too darn tight… give in and buy the next size!

    If it isn’t right, keep it outta sight– Sweetcakes, we know belly baringis in, but if you look more rotund than reed-like keep the flesh under wraps.

    Love Lycra– It takes more than your honey to hold you tight! Pantyhose with Lycra, control top, body shaper, or whatever foundation you feel comfortable in that keeps everything in one jiggle-free place.

    Go funkStuffy styling adds years and it’s bad enough that a few pounds push the age envelope too. Lighten up your image by dressingyoung at heart.

    Easy does it– Keep styling simple, yet edgy, and forget the frills for now. The fussier your outfit gets, the fuller you look.

    Stay balanced– If you find yourself getting bottom heavy, wear tops with broader shoulders or horizontal stripes to appear more visually in sync.

    Face it– Distraction pays off. Reach your bombshell beauty potential and you’ll bedazzle ’em into not noticing you’re a little paunchy in the middle.

    Accessorize– How lucky are we that long, oblong scarves and big slouchy bags totally rock this season!?! Can’t think of two better ways to look lean.

    Flat out- Add an inch to your heels and raise your butt to higher levels.

    Do your own p.r.– Find something you love about yourself and flaunt it! Show those legs, unbutton that cleavage, let down your hair, explain the theory of the black hole, no, not the spot in your closet where everything you need inexplicably seems to migrate unbeknownst to you.

    Just focus on something that makes you feel great about yourself because in actuality, no one other than you probably noticed that you put on a couple of pounds. But, if you don’t snitch, either will I.

    –January 5, 2002

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