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  • Feeling old, tired, and bored? Go see Madonna for a pick-me-up!


    Boost Me Up, Mama Madonna!


    Sometimes my inbox is full of mail from women thinking they are too old or afraid to make a change in their wardrobe or personal style in fear of not dressing age-appropriate. Some of these poor courage-deprived chickadees are even in their thirties!!!


    Well, before you sit home and feel sorry for yourself any longer, or just want to have fun, I urge you to go out and see Madonna, now roaming the world on her Sticky & Sweet tour.


    I really get disgusted with every other review commenting on her age… well, it’s not age, honey, it’s vitality!

    It would be hard-pressed to find someone else who can consistently challenge boredom and stay on the scene in a way that’s fresh, invigorating, and interesting for 26 years and counting.


    Last night at Madison Square Garden, Madonna’s blonde waves were slightly channeling Rachel Zoe’s hair, the rocked out Borderline was as raw as Joan Jett, and the vintage 80’s looking eyeglasses are as on the fashion mark as her Sarah Palin disses.


    But isn’t that why we all love Madonna?


    And, could there be a person of sound mind and body under the age of 60 who has never danced to her music? Madonna knows how to take what’s around, mix it up, and constantly own it as totally her own. That’s staying power. Go on and get inspired!


    –October 8, 2008

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