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  • The Makeup Junkie: Can’t Live Without Cosmetics


    How well do you remember the movie THE BREAKFAST CLUB?

    At the end of the movie Molly Ringwald takes Ally Sheedy into the ladies’ room, and with just a few handy cosmetics turns Ally from misanthrope into girl next door. . .

    Well, I think that scene defined my point of view on beauty. Sure, sometimes I want something more dramatic, but for a basic, classy, presentable look, really all I need is five things (and you’ll see in a moment, for a basic, basic look, all I need is two).


    (Disclaimer: Now I am certainly not saying that a person needs makeup to look beautiful, in fact there are some lucky women who need none at all. I have never been that woman.)=

    On with the fun, let’s start with the most basic of our basics:


    1) Lip Balm: can be tinted or not, whatever your mood dictates. I hate having chapped lips, they can be very painful and they can look very bad. Have you notice that when you talk to someone you spend a lot of time looking at their mouths? Well, I’d rather them see a smooth pair of lips, instead of something that resembles lizard skin.


    2) Concealer: I don’t really sleep. Like ever. So concealer is soooo important to me. I don’t break out too frequently (which is a minor miracle considering the fact that I don’t ever drink water, but I digress), so I don’t put a lot of cover up on my face, but it is vital for covering up the dark and ominous bags that haunt the area under my eyes.


    I think that if one had a great lip balm and a great concealer and used them properly then she could leave the house with head held high looking beautiful.


    So that’s the bare minimum right there.


    Now I start to add the things that make feel pretty- not just presentable, and, I do this by drawing attention to the parts of my face that I want to accentuate. Which brings us to:


    3) Eyeliner: I could live without eye shadows (wouldn’t want to, though I could), but the world would be a cruel, cruel place if eyeliner didn’t exist. Even some men are starting to feel this way– which we will cover in the upcoming blog “Guyliner: Sexy or Scary?”


    4) Blush: Blush gives your face added dimension, and color, and fine– this is really because of my mother. She pounded it into my head that without blush I looked “dead.” So I never go anywhere without it on. Although, I do really believe it gives your face added dimension. You can contour with it. You can highlight with it. Blush is fantastic.


    5) Lipgloss: To give a little more attention to your pout. Different colors create different effects, and can completely change a look. There is something about a lipgloss that just makes me feel so girlie– but again, the right lip balm (see #1) can accomplish this for you all by itself.


    I hope that you have a “beauty”-full and happy day!


    Until next time,
    MJ, The Makeup Junkie

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