BIG beauty round up: What makeup do professional makeup artists really use?

Kid in a candy story time! And a dirty little beauty fake it secret… If you love makeup and how it can change your looks from glum to glam, you’re gonna like this one. Especially, some of the tricks of the beauty trade. First thing to consider is that all makeup is not created equal. There’s consumer cosmetics that many times have more advertising puff than powder puff. And then there’s the pro brands that must stand up to the close eye of a camera. Professional makeup usually has a bigger bang for the beauty buck and tends to go on more even and lighter to allow for retouching without buildup.

From selfies to big time, we all deserve to look at beautiful as possible.

The Make Up Show is a professional makeup artists’ trade show for all that’s beautiful in a cosmetic kit. I couldn’t resist to stop by (twice!) and report back on the beauty buzz. The Makeup Show also had an exhibition of Kevin Aucoin's work, celebrity polaroids, and his last makeup kit, which includes Neck Lift and Face Lift elastics.

The Make Up Show also had an exhibition of Kevin Aucoin’s work, celebrity polaroids, and his last makeup kit, which includes Neck Lift and Face Lift elastics, a long with some star studded false lashes. See Gwyneth’s pair?

So don’t you want to know what the pros use? Particularly, when it’s a little hush-hush, wink-wink old Hollywood beauty trick for looking substantially younger in a second? Wanna see? Take a look into Kevin Aucoin‘s last makeup kit, pictured above, for the elastic bands he used to pull off a quickie “neck lift” and “face lift.” Talk about smoke, mirrors, and a lot of tape. It was part of a gallery exhibition honoring  the late great makeup artist whose legacy lives on in his eponymously named cosmetic brand. [signupboxtwo] Don’t you want to stay in the know? Hop on my free newsletter for insider tips & tricks. Oh, and theres a chic gift for joining me… gorgeous![/signupboxtwo] Well, I pulled a collection of beauty must have-haves that are a lot more user friendly to include in your makup bag (or drawer in my case).  Unless, of course, you want to tape your face back for your next photo shoot. I would prefer to guess not. curated faves-14 So here goes it. Some of my new favorite finds from the vast collection of curated goodies presented at The Make Up Show New York.  Make Up Forever Aqua Matic– Waterproof eye shadow in ME-54- a peachy/pinky/beige veil as a natural base. Obsessive Compusive Cosmetics Tarred + Feathered Lip Balm Duo– a black and white lip combo with sheer balck to darken and sheer white to brighten any lip color. Punker Ardency Inn– One stroke liquid eyeliner, in Deep Black of course, for an instant cat eye. Kevin Aucoin The Lipgloss in Vesuvian– The perfect dusty peach shade to brighten your face for a super natural look. And, it’s not goopy! Eve Pearl Invisible Finish Powderless Powder– When nothing less than flawless is not an option. Reduces pores too. Graftobian Luxe Cashmere HD Setting Powder in Banana Cream Pie– Makes you ready for your closeup. Banana color powder neutralizes and corrects your skin tone without going white or freaky on camera. Black Up Cosmetics Rouge à Lèvres in RGE34 Matte– High pigment vibrant red lipstick that covers beautifully. my personal beauty favorites-14 Ok, I love that everything is under one roof so I went hog wild stocking up on goodies for myself… how could I not? Here are a few of my old favorites and a couple of beauty newbies that I keep in my makup kit, and maybe you should too. Kevin Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer Foundation in SX 09- It’s a peachy creamy base that keeps my undereye dark circles under control. Make Up Forever Full Cover Waterproof Extreme Camoflage Concealer in #4- becuase there are days where I want a little extra help. NARS ‘Orgasm Collection’ Blush– The perfect shade of powder blush. NARS Velvet Matte Pencil in Pop Life– A Sheer red pencil to wear as is, with a little lip balm on top for a dewier look, or  as a lip liner. Anastatia Beverly Hills Dipbow Pomade in Blonde– A great way to set your brow pencil. Skindinavia 10 Years Younger Makeup Finish– I’m addicted to this setting spray formula that’s so light I can skip powder, or maybe not. I can go on with the beauty bounty, but for now these are my top faves to refresh my makup case. What are some of your favorite makup products? Tell me in the comments below? >>RELATED: