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  • Mali Fashion Week- A new player on the fashion calendar


    Head’s Up: There’s a new fashion player around

    With scores of designer’s and fast fashion labels alike mining the rich visual and sartorial resources of the many diverse regions of Africa comes Mali’s first ever fashion week this December.

    Hosted by New York’s premier African boutique BEBENOIR at the Musee Du Mali in Bamako, Mali, this historical event will boast a roster of lesser known African designers from Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana and even the Caribbean.

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    And with tribal prints and ethnic garb inspiring the fashion world at large over the past five-plus seasons, we couldn’t think of a better time to nurture and celebrate the talent of Africa’s up-and-coming young designers and think their unique ideas and perspectives could very well inspire the world in an entirely new manner. –Naveed Hussain

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