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  • Martha Stewart Does a Mean Iris Apfel Impersonation

    Martha Stewart and Iris Apfel

    “If you don’t expand your waistline, you can expand your closet,” Iris Apfel

    How fabulous is it when one legend impersonates another?!

    Ok, Iris Apfel may have iconic style to those in the fashion industry but when Martha Stewart dons a pair of Apfel’s signature bug-eyed specs for an interview, it’s fashion TV kismet and makes us just love Martha even more!

    Apfel along with designer Ralph Rucci and fashion model, Tatiana Sorokko were guests on today’s ‘Consignment Show’ edition of THE MARTHA STEWART SHOW (Hallmark Channel, 10 AM ET/9 AM CT), which was entirely dedicated to consignment boutiques and vintage collections.

    Iris Apfel, the self proclaimed “revolutionary of costume jewelry,” showed off some of the most notable pieces from her own personal extensive collection of vintage clothing, accessories and furnishings, including some gems to amassing her legendary collection, “If you don’t expand your waistline, you can expand your closet.”

    Here are more Apfelisms from the show:

    Iris Apfel on her revolutionizing the costume jewelry business:

    Martha– And what is this necklace?
    Iris– Oh this necklace is something, I’m finally going to be doing, I think a jewelry line for myself because after the show everybody tells me I revolutionized the costume jewelry business and everyone was making big and bold.
    Martha-And the petit lady by the way is wearing 25 pounds worth of silver. Yea that’s the way she keeps in shape.

    Iris Apfel on how to not expand your waistline as to expand your closet:

    Martha-So it does help, I mean you have been the same size forever right?
    Iris– Yes that a big help.
    Martha– So it does help. So you cannot vary your weight, this is very important ladies. If you’re going to be a collector like Iris is and wear the clothes, she says she is not a collector, she buys them to wear them right?
    Iris– That’s right.
    Martha– You cannot ever gain an ounce, ever.
    Iris– Because you can’t, if you don’t expand your waistline you can expand your closet, which is better.
    Martha-Yes, very brilliant. Yes and I know her secret now having felt the weight of everything that she wears. She works out with her clothes. They’re weights.

    Iris Apfel on being called hot:

    Martha– Well you are an inspiration to everyone and young people just really go for you. I mean they love the way you dress, they love the way that you walk around.
    Iris– It’s very funny because some days they tell me I’m so cool and other days they tell me I’m so hot. What is it?
    Martha– It’s one of those words that mean the same thing. Utterly astonishing, that’s what it means.
    Iris- As long as it doesn’t mean lukewarm, half and half.

    Photos: Credit: David Russell/The Martha Stewart Show

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