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  • Mastering Winter Dressing- Take the Bulk Out of Layering

    Multi- weight, toasty warm alpaca sweater from Ann Demeulemeester

    Just as the season’s cold wintery weather is just starting to take hold we’ve compiled a shortlist of slimming layering tricks and smart finds that should keep you warm without changing your proportions or adding unwanted bulk.

    After all, who wants to go about their everyday while concealing themselves in pieces that add unnecessary weight to one’s look?

    Even though it’s cold out, there’s no need to swath yourself in visually fattening garb when innovative technology and a set of savvy notes to take inspiration from should serve you just as generously. Just look at the gorgeous multi- weight, toasty warm alpaca sweater from Ann Demeulemeester at FarFetched, pictured above.

    Michael Kors Fall 2011, above.

    Layer #1: Outerwear-

    • A cocoon or sculpted shape allows plenty of room for multiple layers while standing away from the body while a fitted coat hugs the body for an unsightly fully stuffed effect
    • When shopping for parkas or nylon coats, look for pieces made in innovative fabrications designed to withstand the elements like those from Nike, Rei and Moncler that also boast a plush removable liner
    • If you do have a fitted coat from past season, think about layering from the outside with a sumptuous blanket shawl, a vest or a statement-making cloak -bigger on top and not from the inside is the trick here
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    • Practical maxi coats are slowly coming back into vogue, let their dramatic fluidity make a statement this season
    • Coats with the season’s contrasting leather, fur or faux fur outer pockets make for a genius way to keep your hands warm at all times
    • Contrasting leather arms on a wool coat are sure to add warmth and heighten your cool factor

    Missoni Fall 2011, above.

    Layer #2: The Add-On-

    • Look for a vest that is slim in cut with a wool/cashmere or leather surface to wear under your coat
    • A fitted hoodie with a fur or faux lining is an essential stand-by when not donning thick knits underneath
    • A thickly knit blazer will add a much-needed inner shield while keeping you chic
    • Blanket wraps are a thin way to veil yourself in warmth underneath your outerwear

     Layer #3: The Essential Core-

    • Start with a base that boasts a thick fabrication like a wool, cashmere, suede or leather tank, turtleneck or t-shirt that is fitted
    • If its not a turtleneck, add a fitted dress shirt over your base, and over that, a dress, a miss-matched twinset, a chunky sweater & so on…
    • Thinly knit tops in multiple ply wool and cashmere that feature waffle, cable or textured knits are key pieces you should consider
    • Skinny jeans go a long way when keeping treacherous winds out and work wonders to any look when tucked into a pair of gorgeous boots
    • Slim leather trousers are all the rage; take the trend a step further and pair them with the chunkiest of textured knits to balance off their slim proportions
    • A-line leather skirts and simple shorts call for a knit legging and fitted top layers
    • Take a cue from Dries Van Noten’s men’s line and add a pair of oversized shorts in leather or knit over a fitted pair of pants for a confident play on proportions that is unexpected
    • Bodysuits are a great way to trap in heat while Uniqlo’s HeatTech line of heat-producing clothes offer an advanced way of generating heat

    Must-Have Extras-

    • A balaclava in almost any fabrication keeps your entire head warm from the collar-bone to the crown
    • Elbow length opera gloves in knit or leather are thin way to keep most of your arm warm under your coat
    • Knit leggings are great for skirts while thigh-high socks are a must under any pant-Naveed Hussain

    Shop these lightweight winter layering pieces to stay warm without the bulk:

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