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  • Maternity Fashion Tips: How to Master Showstopper Style When Pregnant

    Outfit from A Pea In the Pod

    MATERNITY SHOW STOPPERS… What to Wear When You Are A Little Bit Pregnant

    Dear Sharon: I’m just about three months along and would love to keep my pregnancy private for a bit longer. I really need some maternity fashion tips to keep my bump under wraps until I’m ready to share it with the world.

    I’m exuberant about the baby, but not the type to keep talking about being a mommy-to-be and still not quite ready for “real” maternity clothes. What can I wear to camouflage my ballooning belly and appear stylish? – Seams To Be Extreme

    Dear Seams: Of course, you can constantly stand behind a large armchair, perpetually reposition a flower pot, or only be seen when peeking over a neighbor’s fence! These are some of the ways the fabulous world of television attempts to cover up an actor’s blooming belly when the character she plays doesn’t share the same condition.

    But, there is some truth in all this wacky subterfuge?

    The key to concealing or detracting from you bulging belly is to bring attention somewhere else. It seems that once you publicize your pregnancy, the entire universe has nothing to discuss with you besides baby-on-the-way. Which is great. Except while you are teetering on the precipice of your next upchuck, the only thing you crave is to be distracted.

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    When you are just starting to show, your body begins its natural process of expanding so your clothing only has a limited lifespan due to your ever-changing size. I know there are plenty of wonderful items geared to growing with you for the duration of your pregnancy and then back some (remember you won’t be suddenly skinny the day you arrive home from the hospital either). But, do you absolutely want to wear the same pants for nine months straight? Will your body stretch in the identical scale as these clothes to guarantee a continuous great fit? And, what about season changes? Your internal thermometer may rise, but will you want to be wearing summer pants in the winter? I think not.

    As a rule, it’s a good idea to consider your size in six-week increments. Find a few great black (the dimension of the color will block out figure bulges) basics and work them to death until you outgrow them… this will give you plenty of practice for baby clothes later down the pike.

    – Try to keep to your typical style of dress, but only slightly flowier— we are not talking caftans or muumuus! Hopefully your fashion style is stylishly simple to begin with.

    – Despite your belly, your silhouette should be kept streamlined with minimal fussy extras. An abundance of pattern on a big belly can be rather jarring.

    – Look for simple details that draw the eye away from your midsection. A shirt with French cuffs, or a fabulous chunky bracelet worn with a clean-lined cardigan will draw your eye away.

    – A lightweight cardigan tied around the waist will instantly cover a tiny belly.

    – Wear jackets open and remember this is probably the only time the extra fabric from a double-breasted jacket looks terrific when unbuttoned.

    – Keep attention to your hemline. Flare pants and A-line skirts create a more balanced silhouette.

    – Drawstring waistbands provide the extra edge you need.

    – Dresses with an empire waist complement your new figure.

    – Avoid bulky, heavy, or stiff fabrics. Too many layers simply add girth. Softer fabrics are the most flattering.

    – Modify your haircut or your eyeglass frames to fool everyone into thinking that’s the reason for the difference in your appearance. But don’t go overboard—this is not the time to freak yourself with anything too dramatic.

    Most important, just go with that special glow!


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