Tuxedo Tips- Guys, here’s the ONE time you can all look (sort of) like George Clooney!

Men’s Style Advice: Can I ditch the cummerbund and pleated tuxedo shirt and go more modern? 

Q:Dear Sharon: I saw your site “Focus on Style,” I’m not sure if you answer men’s questions but here goes. I have a standard, two-button, notch lapel black tuxedo that I wear to weddings (I’m 27 so I go to at least one wedding a month these days) with an eight-pleat shirt and cummerbund/bow tie. Pretty much your standard tux.

However, I hate the fit of the shirt and the feel of a cummerbund. I would like to get a new formal shirt without pleats, and just a formal necktie (black or pewter or something like that). My question is – do I need to get a new formal black suit, or can I wear the new tie/shirt with my tuxedo?  Thanks. (from Columbia, South Carolina via Fashion Advice)

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 When it comes to sophisticated formal men’s style, look no further than the red carpet. When it comes to looking beyond perfect in a tuxedo, the question that I would ask is, “Would George Clooney were that?”

The man and his tux
The man and his tux

And, in all honesty wearing a cummerbund and a pleated shirt would probably not be on the list.

BOSS Black 'The Stars Glamour' Trim Fit Super 100s Wool Tuxedo, and all the black tie fixings at Nordstrom's
BOSS Black ‘The Stars Glamour’ Trim Fit Super 100s Wool Tuxedo, and all the black tie fixings at Nordstrom’s

Yes, at 27, Gorgeous George is significantly older than you. However, his black tie style is timeless, flawless, and ageless. The easy part of being a guy, is that you can simplify life to owning one well-fitting tuxedo, a perfectly cut white shirt, and an assortment of classic ties to switch it out. The more complicated you make this equation, the more disastrous the  results can be. A slim fit tux, like this BOSS Black ‘The Stars Glamour,’ look particularly smashing on younger guys.

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For me, the combo of a cummberbund and pleated shirt screams PROM or, at best, wedding party where the bridesmaids all squeeze into matching pastel sateen dresses. Eeeech. It’s not a modern style image but more of a frozen moment from formal wear hell.

If you are attending one formal event a month, invest in a good tuxedo shirt. You’ll certainly get your money’s worth and always look refined and elegant. Plus, the quality shows. Get yourself a couple of different ties, like a classic black bow tie, back satin neck tie, or even that pewter tie that you were describing. Be sure that your tux is tailored to fit you to a T.  You’ll be good to go and look as dashing as George.

Hello handsone, we pulled an array of dashing tuxedos for you to choose from:

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