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  • Michael Jackson Auction: Thrilled!


    The King of Pop up close, personal, and for sale…

    It is hard pressed to argue the creative genius of Michael Jackson. No doubt that he is rather Off the Wall. However, what is patterned Bad is what keeps us fascinated with the living legend himself and in want of more old school MTV.

    Michael Jackson’s showmanship and iconic performance costumes have created a lasting impression that through the years have proved to be both artistically and musically timeless. His personal life aside, the man is an amazing talent.

    Fast-forward two and a half decades later– my gosh it doesn’t seem that long– and those MJ red military jackets have continued to loiter as a trendy fashion statement since last season. Fashion is all gaga about the glitz and glamour of the trumped out 80’s which is so spectacularly Michael. There are plenty of subtle wink-wink references to the King of Pop’s costumes and its beading, embellishment with a heavy reference to gold from runways to street style both here and abroad.

    So why not go back to the source?


    For all you Michael Jackson fans, art collectors, and designers in need of some iconic inspiration The Personal Property of Michael Jackson will be at auction this April conducted by Julien’s Auctions In Los Angeles.

    (see photo gallery below)

    Get close-up and personal looks at everything from the grandiose entry gates of Neverland Ranch, to a breathtaking museum-worthy collection of fine and decorative arts, plus some high kitch Michael pop culture thrown in like a painting of Michael alongside the Mona Lisa, George Washington, E.T, Abraham Lincoln, and Albert Einstein all wearing aviator glasses and one rhinestone glove–boy, would I like to see Mr. Brainwash get his mitts on this!

    And there are the costumes…

    Oh, those iconic jackets! From the red bugle beaded Military inspired jacket with its gold epaulettes that he wore to American Music Awards in 1984 to a fabulous beaded bomber jacket designed by Bill Whitten, the man responsible for the design of Michael’s white glove. Yes, the gloves are there too along with a pair of heavily embellished acrylic athletic socks.

    The collection is truly amazing and so easy to see how Michael was his own kid in the most fantastic candy store one could ever imagine.

    Auction Details:

    • The Personal Property of Michael Jackson Auction is conducted by Julien’s Auctions In Los Angeles, CA.
    • The Exhibition and Auction takes place adjacent to The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills with a public exhibition from April 14th – 21st and auction on April 22nd – 25th.The auction will be online available for bidding next week/
    • The Personal Property of Michael Jackson Auction will be conducted in eight sessions including Garden Statuary and Outdoor Furniture, Furniture and Decorative Arts, Antiques, Paintings and Fine Decorative Art, Amusements, Arcade Games and Disneyana, and Memorabilia From the Life and Career of Michael Jackson
    • A portion of the proceeds will benefit MusiCares Founded by the Recording Academy.
    • For further information and to flip through the incredible virtual catalogs, please visit:

    Photos, this page only: Shaan Kokin/Julien’s Auctions

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