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  • Tribute: Michael Jackson, Looking Back

    Michael Jackson, photo via

    The music of our lives…

    It is so difficult to think of another artist who plays such an instrumental part of all our collective memories.

    If it doesn’t seem like 26 years ago that Thriller set the bar for pop culture, it certainly doesn’t seem like barely three months since the world of Michael Jackson was on exposition and ready for auction– a world that most of us would never be able to be a voyeur into if not for its public display. Michael and his possessions were spared and the intended auction of close to 2,000 personal items from Michael’s Neverland Ranch was called off following a settlement on Michael’s behalf.

    It seemed like the King of Pop was about to make his mark again when tragedy struck. Now his legacy will live on as the inspiration for those who dare to make an impact.

    >> Please revisit the incredible personal style of Michael Jackson from our past auction post. Its photo gallery is reprinted below.