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  • Here’s How Michelle Obama Makes Pastels Look Chic

    Michelle Obama

    I’ll Have What She’s Having : Sophisticated & pretty pastel shades oozing with daytime elegance.

    Pastels can be tricky to pull off if  you want to look more refined rather than youthful. Even with the best intentions, a grown-up woman can instantly look like a cast off from the sherbet scooper.

    Last week First Lady Michelle Obama made a case for daytime elegance in an easy to pull-off, well styled look that exudes a certain finesse at pairing subtly distinct separates.

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    B-Low The Belt Alpha Belt stretch snake coil belt with simple styling to update any outfit. At Shopbop

    B-Low The Belt Alpha Belt stretch snake coil belt with simple styling to update any outfit. At Shopbop

    While it vaguely brings to mind mid-90’s Gianni Versace with its powdery hues, classic silhouette and references to haute bourgeois hallmarks, she looks totally contemporary.

    He too amped up ladylike dressing with surprising elements like Obama’s fitted metallic Michael Kors sweater paired with a patterned mint pencil skirt and something most wouldn’t think of- pink pumps.


    Work a similar look with these style tips: 

      • Look for gentle tones rather than baby hues when going full on like Obama

    Topshop Glimmer Glitter Pointed Shoes Have the right bit of zing to punch up pink

    • Keep it simple by going for texture combinations over prints
    • Add an unexpected kick to the look with separates that are in completely different shades, like Mrs. Obama’s metallic burnished gold sweater
    • A body-concious fit keeps it looking current and not stuffy
    • Look for a delicate but slightly ornate belt to give the eye a focal point; again, add an unexpected twist with a gold stretch snake belt
    • No necklace, nothing else- that’s what saves it from being too fussy
    • A pastel shoe looks modern and unexpected when in a classic mid heel pump

    Slideshow: Get inspired with elements of Michelle Obama’s pastel style…

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