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  • Mixing Metals 101: How to style a chain belt

    Vanessa Mooney Maltese Falcon Chain Belt

    How to style a chain belt for today? Classic chain belts are on the downside and tend to be aging for most who remember wearing them in the last go round…

    Let’s help this reader discover a modern classic take on a chain belt and how to mix metals for the right kind of chic.

    qDear Sharon: It is ok to wear a metal link belt and a metal necklace? Or skip a necklace when wearing a metal link belt? -Helen (M.C via Fashion Advice)

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    I’m sure you remember the heyday of the chain belt in the 80’s & 90’s when the more gilt you went, the better. After all, a chain belt works to add support, highlight the waist and instantly makes any look sophisticated. But that was back then. As where before you’d want to pile it on, today’s mandate calls for simplicity.

    Like the modern Vanessa Mooney Maltese Falcon Chain Belt, pictured above, wear your chain belt as a singular extra for maximum effect and to avoid looking truly old school. You’ll want the eye to focus on just one piece when opting for a chain belt. On the other hand, a cuff or simple earrings could be another option as they won’t be competing with the belt.

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    Photo: UrbanOutfitters

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