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  • Most Stylish Blogger Award and 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

    Award Season Starts Early Thanks to Jewels from the Roving Stove

    Plus, my picks for The Most Stylish Bloggers!

    Thank you, thank you to the gorgeous and talented Julie Anne Rhodes, aka “Jewels” from The Roving Stove for the Most Stylish Blogger Nomination!

    I’m more than flattered to get the thumbs up for “constantly amusing ” you with the Impromptu Madness videos that Brad Boles

    Stylish Blogger Award

    and I have so much fun working on. If we had our own TV talk show (hint, hint out there), we would love to have YOU as our resident cooking expert!

    In lieu of an acceptance speech, part of the the Most Stylish Blogger nomination is to reveal seven things that you did not know about the stylish blogger. The other part of the award is to nominate seven other stylish bloggers. Please see my picks after the jump.

    I’ve been doling out can-do chic fashion advice and style tips since 1999 on I’m sure you have gotten a clue about me

    Thank you Julie Anne Rhodes, aka "Jewels" from the Roving Stove

    Thank you Julie Anne Rhodes, aka “Jewels” from the Roving Stove

    professionally. I know you must have picked up some tidbits about Brad and I from back in the day, before he became my contributing editor at large and video/radio co-host.

    But there’s more on my personal front… so, here I go spilling the beans about moi.

    Lauren Hutton / Madonna gap that I did have as a pre-teen went away once I accepted it, on it’s own, beforeI had to get braces… yes, I made my parents “pay” for saving on an orthodontics bill!

    2. Stepping Stone: My first post intern job was working at Barney’s. But my first office job was as a marketing assistant at a plastics trade magazine. Go ahead and spell polypropylene fast!

    3. Been There, Done That: Even though I spent a very healthy part if my life starting out at midnight to go to the coolest clubs and parties, there is nothing now that I’d rather do more than spend time with my family and close friends.

    4. Fast Fashion: The best part of having a chubby kid phase was being able to fit into designer clothes at a young age! Thank you Loehmann’s for being there.

    5. Interior Motives: I’m a total HGTV junkie and after completing the first two of our total home renovation & interior design projects, I’m ready to tackle more.

    6. Very Old School: The first talk show that I appeared on as a fashion expert was, don’t smirk, The Joe Franklin Show– he called me back for several appearances & liked my name as it reminded him of Phyllis Haver, a Bugsby Berkley starlet! My favorite segment was about Hollywood glamour in the 1930’s.

    7. A Three Hour Tour: Tina Louise, aka Ginger from Gilligan’s Island, is my second cousin once removed or something contrived like that… Tina’s father married my grandmother’s sister.

    In no particular order, here are my nominations for the Most Stylish Bloggers:

    Humor Chic today

    Humor Chic today

    1. VagabondNyc
    Vintage clothing gurus Andrea Perrini & Naveed Hussain are the real deal when it comes to spot on fashion assessments. The two are like a walking fashion history book with a very stylized edge, and that’s what makes their editorialized vintage clothing shop and blog so distinctive. The VagabondNyc’s are part of our Contributor team.

    2. EyePreferParis
    Richard Nahem left New York for Paris and decided to do what he does best, go to the most divinely unique places and tell you about it! His customized walking tours of Paris are brought live to his blog. Richard is my oldest friend and a team Contributor. Oh, he also stretches a mean pair of shoes but that should have gone under things that you don’t know about me.

    3. IWantToBeHer
    Andrea Linett does what we all secretly do. She sizes up a fab outfit, fantasizes about being that girl for a moment, but then she tells you where to get the goods. If “Sybil” was chic, she would live on I Want To Be Her! Andrea is the co-founder and former creative director of Lucky Magazine.

    4. Humor Chic
    aleXsandro Palombo’s “daily society portrait blog” is about as tongue in “chic” as an illustrated cartoon about fashion, style and all it’s glamourous players could ever be! Highly addictive satire and very on the mark.

    5. Marie Forleo
    I thought Marie was so spunky from taking her fitness classes at Crunch & find her upbeat, down-to-earth, girl power motivation to make each woman “live rich, happy and hot” totally inspiring!

    Catherine Kallon has an outstanding photographic fashion memory, bar none! Do you want to know which celebrity wore what and where to get much of it, she’s your girl!

    Kim White is a make up artist who knows how to put the fun in beauty. Whether it’s Mugshot Monday where beauty violators are brought to justice or her Bathroom Beauty videos, you’ll get your gorgeous on and leave with a smile… and that’s the best beauty bonus around.

    Honorary 7+. Julie Anne Rhodes, “Jewels” from The Roving Stove so shoot me, I’m nominating Julie Anne back!
    No only is she gorgeous, glam and totally the real deal but she’s the downtown girl’s Nigella Lawson without the finger licking. Oh, and since my hubby is 80’s music obsessed, I constantly hear the “Girls On Film” beat to her personal flashbacks that accompany each recipe… Yum.

    Ok, Stylish Bloggers, it’s your turn to nominate on… back at ‘ya!

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