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  • Home Style Week! Inside My Home Style Design Board + how to curate your Pinterest board

    hand chair and chaise

    Do you Pin?

    It’s a fantastic way to catalog what you have while able to visualize the design inspiration that runs throughout your choices.

    This week’s spotlight is Home Style. Pinterest is an excellent way to keep track of what you have and what you want to add to your design wishlist.

    Admittedly, I never remember who designed what when it comes to my home style design. Even though both my husband and I picked it all out ourselves.

    I’m a collector of modern classics– vintage and new– that have a sculptural edge which keep the eye engaged. Along with some quirky pieces, like the 70s hand chair pictured above, for the heck of it.

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    Ironically, as much as I can rattle off fashion designers by name, I draw blanks on what I see every day at home.

    So, I came up with a way of pinning some of my favorite home pieces to remember what I have to a My Home Style Design Board on Pinterest.

    from my home style pinterest board

    What’s interesting is just like pinning your iconic style moments to laser in on your personal style, pinning what you are drawn to at home starts to create an assemblage of what your overall design aesthetic is.

    Whether furniture, fonts or fashion, there is a design theme in each of our lives, when we take the moment to pause and gather. I use this same approach to get deep inside “your style with my V.I.P. Style Mentoring clients.

    If you would like to start curating your own home style design board on Pinterest, Google has made it very easy.

    Here’s how…

    Search for images of your favorite items from furniture to art to home accessories to dishes, they  may not be from the source you bought them from, or even in the exact same color, but you can catalog them for reference without having to photograph everything you own.

    Start Pinning away.

    Soon, all your favorite pieces will be in one place and you can even get a better idea of what you have in case the furniture rearranging bug hits. It’s also a great way to illustrate your style sensibility and color scheme when you’re working with a graphic designer on a creative project for your business.

    Do you have a Pinterest Board of your home style design? Post the link in the comments below, I’d love to see.  Follow me on Pinterest too!

    My Pinterest Board of My Home Style Design:


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    Original Publish Date: May 15, 2014



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