My Web Developer Screwed Me!

Do you have a WordPress website that should be so simple yet your web developer has turned your life into living hell?

Or maybe you don’t even know how you’re getting ripped off because you’re just not that techy, you just know that something isn’t right.

Over promise, under deliver. Overcharge. Leave an unfinished mess. Gone missing. Locked you out. Take your trust, stomp all over it, and turn the other way. Or go flat out cray-cray.

Been there. Done that. Never again.

My website has been online since 1999 and that taught me a lot of lessons. Most of the hell manifests from unscrupulous developers with a complete lack of integrity and an over inflated ego who prey on people who think that tech is just too complicated.

Well, it really isn’t.

Especially the kind of tech you need to have a web presence.

After I found out how my husband (YES, my husband) was getting screwed over by his “web guy,” my team and I have decided to create a boutique service to eyeball your site and see what’s amiss.

The My Web Developer Screwed Me service has been offered as an extension to my Celebrity Business Brand Training Services but we are are accepting new clients by application when our schedule permits.

Please make the first connection, here.

The best defense, is a good offense.

Take charge of your web presence and put yourself in the driver’s seat!