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  • Need some style motivation? Make your personal pavement your red carpet!


    It’s been a heady week around here. The Golden Globes started “awards season” and the men’s fall 14 fashion collections had their runway week in Milan, and the start of fashion show season…

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve been battling an annoying flu that had the audacity not to schedule itself when I had the time to lollygag at home. The nerve!

    Hacking and schvitizng from fever makes the idea of red carpets & runways pretty far off from my real world here with the sniffles.

    So why care about the runway? Why bother with the red carpet?

    Because without inspiration we become dull. Without aspiration we become stagnant. Everyone needs a little zing to get their blood going.

    It’s time to make your personal pavement your red carpet!

    Whenever you present yourself you represent yourself (entrepreneurs, do you hear me?) so make it inspiring.

    Tweet: Whenever you present yourself you represent yourself.

    Make your personal pavement your red carpetHave your off days, have your escape days, and take the moments to open your eyes, to open your mind, to see what’s out there beyond your everyday sameness.

    Use your down time to absorb what you need to navigate your up time.

    You probably will never walk a red carpet (that sounds so much less exhausting to me) and may never buy runway outfits (well, maybe on sale) but you NEED to be YOUR KIND of red carpet runway ready.

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    Yes, the next time you represent yourself as a business professional, as the mom in charge, as the hottie across the table, or simply as the person who looks like they  have it together, you need to look polished, poised, vital, and modern.

    Take your inspiration where you find it and make it work for you. If you need a style mentor, I’m here for you. Just ask.

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    Photo: Margot Robbie at the Golden Globes, HFPA and stock

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