Mid Week Break: New York Fashion Week Trend Spotlights

 Whoosh, it’s a busy (fashion) week! 

Honestly, I have to say that I’m loving what is being shown at New York Fashion Week Fall 2014 more than in past seasons. I really enjoy cherry-picking some of the singularly most wearable trends  for you that are more real way than runway.  (Secret: I’m crazy for all that red)

Before the week goes on, I invite you to take a look at the trends I’ve selected here and think about ways to be inspired to update your wardrobe… even what you wear right now.

There’s more coming & I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much fashion week fabulousness at once… runways are like eating chocolate, so delicious to be savored in small bites.S.H.

And now for the latest trend…

milly by michelle smith fw14

Soft Pleated Pants at Milly by Michelle Smith Fall 2014

There’s such a simple elegance and classic ease to this outfit that’s perfect for casual work…. it really makes a stand for soft pleated pants. BUT, as gorgeous understated as it looks on the  Milly by Michelle Smith fall 2014 runway, there are definitely a few styling tips to think about

First off,  what takes beige pleated pants from looking dumpy to fantastic really is the shoe. The open cage sandals deflect from what can be a bulky silhouette if you aren’t reed thin.  Rather than tucking in a fluffy sweater, you might want to try a cropped style that won’t add extra inches around your mid section.

Keeping to a clean and classic feel with the wrapped charcoal scarf, a pendant necklace to bring the eye down and elongate the silhouette, and that adorable skinny bow belt, this Milly by Michelle Smith look is truly a classic stunner that will look right for seasons to come.


>>> CLICK: Milly by Michelle Smith in store now…


Photos: Image.net