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  • It’s here! New York holiday window displays with the BIG Bergdorf Goodman reveal

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    Holiday style starts early this year and it feels so good…

    Naveed and I popped over to see the big Spider-Man esque reveal for the Bergdorf Goodman New York holiday windows reveal last night. Usually, I like to wait until after Thanksgiving to get in to the holiday vibe with New York holiday window displays but this is too irresistible to not share.

    Besides, we haven’t done a Retail Remedy post in a while, so why not?!

    The V.I.P. crowd gathered close to the store while most of Fifth Avenue was jam-packed waiting for the big “Holiday on Ice” theme reveal.


    Several red-clad acrobats appeared from upper store windows and scaled down the facade of Bergdorf’s, Spider-Man style.  With the crazy wind last night, it was pretty exhilarating. Naveed even got past his fear of heights for others as the acrobat above repelled practically over our heads.


    The Fourth of July holiday window

    And, then ta-dah… the curtain was pulled and the holiday windows were revealed in all their glory.

    BGholiday-photo 3

    I always love the details in the small windows

    The spin on the “Holidays on Ice” theme is that most American  holidays are included from Valentine’s Day, Halloween, the Fourth of July, Mardi Gras, an upside down mannequin for April’s Fool Day, and even Arbor Day.

    BGphoto 2

    So imaginative!

    BGholiday-photo 1

    Spooky and chic for the Halloween theme

    Then, the gorgeous and uber chic crowd went inside the store to explore an early gift list of Bergdorf gorgeousness, and a little party here and there throughout the store.

    Hard to resist pretty holiday finds

    Hard to resist pretty holiday finds

    BGphoto 3

    You can count on me for spotting poodles.

    If this is the start to the holiday window season, it’s going to be a tough one to beat.

    A few wish list home style items by Kelly Wearstler

    A few wish list home style items by Kelly Wearstler

    What’s your favorite holiday store window near you? Please share in the comments below.

    Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows Atmosphere

    Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows atmosphere to the end of a great night


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