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  • No Shame or No Clue- You’ve gotta feel the breeze

    No Shame or No Clue- You've gotta feel the breeze

    Embarrassing moments- Ripped jeans with no rescue.

    Accidents happen. Some of us would even be mortified.


    Case in Point: You are minding your own business and bend just the wrong way when you hear the dreadful chrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr of a seam separating itself from the threads that keep your modesty, or naughty bits, in place.


    No thread. No time to race home. You tie a sweater around your waist in hopes that you are not publicly found out. You sit with your legs pinned together and try to keep something over your lap.


    You love those jeans. A ripped knee is okay, actually rather in style at the moment. A ripped rear, well the tailor can patch that up. But ripped and shreaded inner thighs with your jelly rolls exploding out… that’s crossing the line.


    Does our poster girl for well-worn jeans care? Does she even notice?


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