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  • Runway Now: Nude Nail Polish, The Beauty Trend To Wear Now

    butter LONDON at The Row Spring 2013

    Nude nail polish, right from the Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week runway.  There’s nothing we love more than when classic is on trend! This catwalk trend that SHOULD BE in every stylish woman’s beauty arsenal, if it’s not already.


     It’s CLASSY not crazy. Forget neon color nails and  grotesque nail designs. (Almost) naked is better and VERY chic.

    Age-Appropriate Tip: What you can pull off for your toes, doesn’t always rock on you hands no matter how trendy it may be at the moment. I’ve never been a fan of kooky nail colors for a mani after a certain age… let’s face it, mint green nails and wrinkled hands are not a pretty combo.  It’s far more elegant and AGELESS to go classic and leave the wacky nail art for the kiddies.

    There’s something eternally chic about nude nail polish for your mani combined with wine rich tones for your pedi… all the better to spotlight a gorgeous ring and sexy sandals.

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    Case in Point: The lusciously simple and elegant nails that Katie Hughes, Global Colour Ambassador for butter LONDON, pampered for The Row, Altuzarra, Band of Outsiders, and Brood  for spring 2013.  Take a look at why nude nail polish worked and how to get the look with manicure tips & notes from Butter London. Great nude nail polish suggestions at the end too.

    The Row (beauty pictured above at lead)

    The Row Spring 20013

    The Row Spring 20013

    Nail Design: The Row collection, featuring rich hues such as cranberry, cream and black, was simply elegant. Katie Hughes created a nail look that spoke to the importance of healthy nails and to the ‘less is more’ nail trend. Inspired by the idea of a gorgeous woman that has frequent manicures and perfectly kept nails, the look highlighted the beauty of the natural nail

    Details: Clean under the nails and around nail beds before applying Horse Power Nail Fertilizer (to strengthen nails) and a layer of Hardwear P.D. Quick Topcoat for shine.


    butter LONDON at Altuzarra Spring 2013

    butter LONDON at Altuzarra Spring 2013

    Nail Design: To balance  Altuzarra’s mix of bold textures and colors used throughout the collection, a simple and luxurious “mannequin manicure”  was created. Apply Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat to smooth imperfections and give a natural, uniform color.

    Details: Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat was applied, along with P.D. Quick Topcoat to add a subtle gloss

    Band of Outsiders

    butter LONDON at Band of Outsiders Spring 2013

    butter LONDON at Band of Outsiders Spring 2013

    Nail Design: Soft, natural nails complemented the minimal makeup look of the Band of Outsiders collection, abundant with gorgeous prints, flowing fabrics and military detailing

    Details: Give natural nails texture by adding Matte Finish Topcoat over Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat


    butter LONDON at Brood Spring 2013

    butter LONDON at Brood Spring 2013

    Nail Design: In contrast to the bright, floral patterns used throughout the Brood collection, the designer wanted the nails to look “natural, yet a little awkward.” Katie Hughes created a powerful, natural nail using a bespoke, tan opaque lacquer, topped with Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat. To execute the designer’s vision for a nail finish similar to a “naked wall.”  Nails were matted out even further with topcoat.

    Details: Bespoke, tan lacquer topped with Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat (to give an awkward (imperfect, unusual effect), finished with Matte Finish Topcoat

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    Photos: Butter London

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