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  • NY Fashion Week: Alvin Valley fashion show review

    Alvin Valley

    The words structured and romantic do sound like they belong in the same sentence, but Alvin Valley has changed that perception with a collection of supremely feminine dressing that is not only well tailored but involves pieced seams and cut outs.

    The black brocade fabric is something you may ordinarily see on a chair at your grandmother’s house, but it took on a whole new look at well fit pants and jumpsuits.
    Skirts and blouses had an overwhelming array of ruffles, but being solely on the blouse or the skirt it wasn’t too much, and the softness created a look of silk oragami.

    (photo gallery below)

    A few jumpsuits, they did look stunning considering they are near impossible to pull off on any woman over a size 2 who actually goes to the bathroom. One of my favorites was a very well tailored dress, cream at the top with an orange skirt – the skirt was pieced together with so many seams it is amazing it fit they way it did and the neckline and underwire are the bust just made it a knockout dress.

    My least favorite was a charcoal suit with Star Wars-esque shoulder and neck shape. The tailoring was impeccable no doubt, but stuck out compared to the collection and those shoulder capulets made me feel the model needed a light saber to fend off galaxy warriors!Alix on the Go

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